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Revolutionizing Agriculture w/ Smarter Crop Technology

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Presidion Agriculture is the world’s leading innovator in cutting-edge agricultural technologies for growers.  With dozens of patents & inventions in nitrogen stabilization, phosphate efficiency, crop yields and our patented PENXCEL™ delivery system, we develop highly cost effective, sustainable products to impact growers and our distribution chain.

Presidion Ag Patents

 Learn about our latest patents on all of our Presidion Ag products.


Game-Changing Crop Advancements

Our exclusive Neon product line of Nitrogen stabilizers and inhibitors protect against losses both above and below the soil.  

Unlimited Resources to Empower the Future

Presidion Ag. is properly capitalized for a national roll-out of our premium Neon brands and continued research in new agriculture technologies.  

Dedicated to Healthy, Sustainable Farming

At Presidion Agriculture, we are dedicated to ushering in a new era of cost-effective, sustainable farming that ultimately impacts every human on the planet.  

Our Products

Neon Air HC™ is our gateway product for total nitrogen protection above and below ground.  It is ideal for climates with less than ideal weather conditions and uses our patented PENXCEL™ delivery system for superior coverage and penetration.

Active Ingredients: 50% NBPT & 5% Dicyandiamide

Neon Laser™ for anhydrous ammonia delivers the ultimate below ground protection through slow release nitrification. Through immediate & slow release cyanoguanidine creating a newly discovered process, you’ll receive industry-leading performance with far less corrosion than traditional products. 

43% Cyanoguanidine

Neon Air™ is a revolutionary new urea additive that employs dual stabilizing technologies for excellent protection based on your environmental conditions.  With low freeze points, low surface tension and superior penetration, Neon Air protects your nitrogen from all forms of volatilization, leaching, and nitrification.

Active Ingredients: 30% NBPT & 15% Dicyandiamide

Neon Armor™ delivers excellent below ground nitrogen protection by reducing leaching and denitrification at low application rates.  That means drier urea for better handling and extended protection.

43% Cyanoguanidine

Neon Crystal™ takes advantage of our PENXCEL™ delivery system to protect your UAN both above and below ground in a liquid application.  It offers the same benefits of a highly soluble dry treatment in a free flowing crystal that offers outstanding 10 pounds per ton efficiency.


Neon Prism™ is an exciting new polymer technology that offers one of the broadest spectrum’s of protection ever seen in urea- at one of the lowest costs in the entire industry.  It’s liquid form stabilizes nitrogen above ground with NBPT and below ground with DCD using our patented PenXcel delivery for maximum penetration.


Neon Soil™ offers triple above/below ground protection from volatilization, leaching and denitrification- even in cold weather.  This advanced technology allows you to personalize your nitrogen application to your specific needs without relying on a production site.


Neon Surface™ uses PenXcel technology in a complete above and below ground solution with desirable application traits such as faster blending, better drying, excellent penetration and superior coverage. It is formulated with the proven active ingredients NBPT and Dicyandiamide for total protection.


PhosGain™ frees up your phosphorus from metals like aluminum, iron and manganese in the soil.  It is delivered in a unique solvent system that’s water-free and optimized for application to dry substrates.


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Learn about Neon™ & Your Crops


Coffee growers often split up their nitrogen fertilization up to four times a the year to benefit from the different seasons. Rain and irrigation helps fertilizer feed the roots, but still leaves your crops susceptible to volatilization. Neon products protect your fertilizer from these losses.


Rice crops are highly susceptible to periods of abundant moisture and humidity, which makes proper fertilization a challenge. Universities and field experience have shown that advanced nitrogen stabilizers found in Neon products deliver significant economic advantages for farmers.


Wheat growers are particularly susceptible to nitrogen loss from small amounts of moisture- your nitrogen breaks down without actually being absorbed by the soil. The Neon line of products protects your urea for significant cost savings throughout the year.


Corn crops are highly reliant on nitrogen for proper yields, yet they’re also highly susceptible to precipitation and runoff. That’s why farmers turn to Neon to protect their urea for significant gains with an equally impressive annual cost savings.


Cotton is a tough crop to manage since the nitrogen applications have to be almost perfect. Too little and your yield suffers, too much and you end up with taller plants with too much greenery. Neon solves this issue by protecting your nitrogen for more uniform applications and longer feeding times regardless of weather conditions.

Sugar Cane

Since sugar cane remains productive for many seasons, regular fertilization is essential for long-term gains. Managing nitrogen in cane fields is a challenge though thanks to moisture, urease and crop residues. Neon products eliminate these worries by placing a weather-proof barrier around your nitrogen for long-term release at the required levels.

Palm Oil

Ideal conditions for Palm Oil plantations to thrive make nitrogen applications a serious challenge, even though it’s desperately needed for proper yields. Neon stabilizers ensure that your crops will be properly fed throughout the growing season and beyond.

Other Crops

The Neon line of next-generation nitrogen stabilizers can benefit any crop type in virtually any environment since it provides protection both above and below the surface. Farmers have seen excellent financial gains across all crop types thanks to much greater efficiency and larger yields.

About Presidion Agriculture

Presidion Ag. offers the most advanced nitrification protection and delivery in the world today.  Our technologies have been proven internationally with over 32 agricultural patents filed or already granted.  Our innovation is driven by one unified goal- we want to revolutionize agriculture for the pure betterment of our planet. 

As a true ally to today’s farmer, we are pushing scientific boundaries on their behalf.

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